Young Investigator Program

The Young Investigator program identifies individuals with the potential to make noteworthy advancements in children’s cancer research while building a stable force of high-quality researchers for the future. Young Investigators are in the early stages of their scientific careers and are located at universities, research institutions, and hospitals throughout the United States.

Young Investigator-2 (2015-2018)

CureSearch recently announced $1.3 million in new grant funding for Young Investigators pursuing innovative projects in childhood cancer research. Through the Young Investigator-2 program, CureSearch will fund 6 researchers whose work promises to make a difference in understanding and treating childhood cancers. These awards provide $75,000 in funding per year over 3 years, an increase in the award amount and timeframe from Young Investigator-1.

Young Investigator-1 (2012-2014)

In 2012, CureSearch began funding 12 Young Investigators, each for 2 years, in areas of study that represent the highest risk with the poorest outcomes for children with cancer.

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