Dr. Avery Posey headshotDr. Posey of the University of Pennsylvania is developing a novel CAR-T cell therapy that selectively targets an antigen found only in neuroblastoma called PolySia.

In 2015, unituxin (anti-GD2 antibody), was approved for treatment of NB patients and currently shows a 20% increase in event free survival over standard of care CAR-T cell therapy has shown success in pediatric ALL, but CAR-T cells targeting GD2 may have significant adverse effects.

He will design and develop a PolySia CAR-T for use in neuroblastoma patients. He will then test the anti-tumor effects and safety of the PolySia CAR-T therapy in mouse models of neuroblastoma. His goal is to translate this work to pediatric clinical trials within three to four years and initiate pediatric clinical trials.

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