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In 2013, of every dollar donated, 62% was invested in children’s cancer research and education projects. 11% of every dollar was used to operate the organization, and 27% was used for fundraising. CureSearch for Children’s Cancer’s ratio is within industry standards for high-performing nonprofits – a recent report by the Urban Institute studied the most effective nonprofits and found that their ratios were typically about 65% program costs to 35% administration costs. CureSearch is accredited by the BBB Wise Giving Alliance and is a Gold participant on GuideStar. Charity Navigator has not rated CureSearch and you can read more in this special statement.

To find cures for children’s cancers requires big thinking and big research. At CureSearch, we are assembling the big thinkers and investing in their research. We demand that the research yields measurable, impactful results – because our children deserve nothing less. We evaluate our research rigorously with a focus on the ultimate goal: more cures for more children across more cancer types. The leaders at CureSearch take seriously the faith and trust that every dollar you donate implies. And we work hard to honor your trust by choosing the best research projects and keeping management expenses low. More importantly, we believe that the single best way to evaluate ourselves is not by overhead ratios, but by the impact we are making for children.

Of course, we always want more of every dollar invested in research – because only research can cure children’s cancer. Toward this effort, we are always looking for ways we can reduce expenses, like our recent move to reduce our office space and build our team of virtual staff across the country. At CureSearch, we are committed to making the most impact with every dollar we raise so that we can invest in the best and most promising children’s cancer research. Help us continue to invest in innovative children’s cancer research by volunteering or making a gift today.

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