Hodgkin Lymphoma (Disease) in Children

About Hodgkin Lymphoma (Disease)

Hodgkin lymphoma, also called Hodgkin’s lymphoma and Hodgkin’s disease, is a cancer of the lymphoid system. The lymphoid system is made up of various tissues and organs, including the lymph nodes, tonsils, bone marrow, spleen, and thymus. These organs produce, store and carry white blood cells to fight infection and disease.

Approximately 1,180 children and adolescents each year are diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma in the United States. It has been reported in infants and very young children, but it is considered rare before the age of five. The majority of Hodgkin lymphoma cases are in teenagers (age 15-19). Hodgkin lymphoma is the most common cancer of teenagers and young adults.

News About Hodgkin Lymphoma

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