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Give hope and healing now to the thousands of children diagnosed with cancer each year. Today, “Light the Match” to find innovative cures for children’s cancer. Your gift to drive critical, children’s cancer research, will be matched by a generous CureSearch donor*.

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*Special thanks to our very generous donor, herself a brain cancer survivor, for matching the first $50,000 Light the Match gifts received December 1 through December 31.

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Know or love someone impacted by children’s cancer, or want to show your support of innovative research to end children’s cancer?

With your help, we will illuminate cures with innovative research. #LightTheMatch #Illuminate

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Illuminate the Way for Cures

Ellie Blaine – Pineoblastoma

2 Years Old at Diagnosis

During her second birthday party, Ellie began to feel ill. Of all the days in her short life to not feel well, it had to be on her second birthday. That night, Ellie threw up and continued to have trouble keeping anything down. Everyone thought it was just a bad bug, but after several days, Ellie found herself in the ER. At the hospital, Ellie was treated for dehydration and sent home with her family.

Acceleration Initiative – Dr. Kathleen Sakamoto, MD, PhD

A new antibody therapy could dramatically improve outcomes for pediatric tumors

A research team at Stanford University led by Drs. Kathleen Sakamoto and Irv Weissman has received a $1.37 million grant from CureSearch titled “Development of CD47 Monoclonal Antibody Therapy for Pediatric Tumors.” Drs. Sakamoto and Weissman are developing a Phase I study using a new antibody treatment. Phase I clinical trials are the earliest stage of testing a new treatment.

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