Childhood Cancer Awareness Month 2019
Why Research? - Because over 25% of children diagnosed with brain cancer will not survive for more than 5 years.

Our research strategy identifies and funds projects that address areas of unmet need in pediatric cancer.

See how our funded researcher is discovering new treatments for the three most lethal brain tumor subtypes.

Why Research? - Because, by the age of 40, 85% of childhood cancer survivors develop chronic health conditions as a result of treatment.

CureSearch leverages relationships with academic scientists and industry leaders to select projects with the highest potential to result in less toxic, more effective treatments to childhood cancer.

See how we’re making an impact.

Why Research? - Because over 25% of children diagnosed with brain cancer will not survive for more than 5 years.

With your help, CureSearch exclusively funds research with the highest potential to reach children in clinical trials within 3-5 years – not 20 year from now.

See how our funded project moved from the lab to clinical trials

There is an urgent unmet need for new and better children’s cancer treatments. Each year more than 15,000 children in the U.S. alone are diagnosed with cancer. For those who survive, as many as 85% will develop one or more chronic health conditions including secondary cancers, severe musculoskeletal problems and cardiovascular disease as a result of treatment.

With your support, we fund the most promising and impactful research. We do this through comprehensive project screening and monitoring progress to ensure patient centered results. During Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we highlight our critical mission to drive impactful research from the lab into the clinic where treatments can reach children now.

Volunteer, fundraise or donate today and join us in our mission to end children’s cancer.


Why Research? Because our kids are counting on us.


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Watch the below videos and hear why research matters for CureSearch advocates and patient families:

Thank you for honoring Childhood Cancer Awareness Month with us and supporting our mission.

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