Children are waiting longer than adults to access new cancer drugs. CureSearch is changing that.

CureSearch IMPACT Series Forums bring global pediatric experts in academia and pharmaceutical companies together to accelerate the development of pediatric cancer drugs.

“Children with cancer wait an average of 6.5 years longer than adults to access new drugs.”1 Cancer is the number one disease killer of children, yet it is challenging for children to get access to the most promising and novel cancer treatments available for adults. CureSearch is driving the alignment of research much earlier in the development process to help drive new treatments to children faster.

Currently, companies developing cancer treatments for adults are not required to develop them for children simultaneously. Instead, information on proprietary research for adults is made public during Phase 2 clinical trials—a timeline that puts the discovery process for pediatrics years behind. 

To close that gap, CureSearch for Children’s Cancer created the IMPACT Series Forum, a first-of-its-kind collaboration to bring promising treatments to children faster. This confidential, closed-door session brings together a select group of leading international pediatric academics with one pharmaceutical company. The researchers get an early window into the drug development pipeline for adults, and are able to provide insights into the relevance for pediatric oncology.

“It would have taken me six months to have one-to-one meetings with each academic, and I would have walked away with half of the information I learned today.” – Pharmaceutical representative

Leading the way to advance children’s cancer treatments

This mutually beneficial forum was such a success that three IMPACT Forums are  scheduled for early 2020. CureSearch is planning to host at least four IMPACT Series Forums each year, partnering with academic experts, pharmaceutical companies and drug development leaders to accelerate the search for cures. 

New Therapies for Pediatric Oncology

Boston Children’s Hospital. “Children with cancer wait an average of 6.5 years longer than adults to access new drugs: Call for expanding children’s access to experimental cancer therapies.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 21 May 2019.

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