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Addison’s Superhero Story

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The Green Lantern once said, “no matter how bad things get, something good is out there, just over the horizon.” For superhero Addison Barber, this quote describes her battle with cancer all too well. At just 18 months old, Addison was diagnosed with Stage 5 bilateral Wilms tumor. Hope was just over the horizon for Addison as the cancer ultimately went into remission – but not before a long and tumultuous treatment process.

Addison Barber

When Addison was diagnosed – she was too young to comprehend what was happening to her. After a routine check-up, her doctor sent her for an ultrasound which ultimately identified the tumor on her kidney. Just one day later, Addison would have a port placed and started chemotherapy just five days after her diagnosis. She completed six months of weekly chemotherapy sessions, some lasting hours at a time and she had 11 consecutive days of radiation to both her abdomen and chest to help address areas not removed by surgery. She also had a right nephrectomy three months into treatment to remove her right kidney and the entire tumor that encompassed it.

“Addison’s treatment affected us in many ways, but at the time, we were all in. We had family support, and support from our workplaces and friends to get through those months,” said Jaime Barber, Addison’s mom.

CureSearch SuperHerosUnite Addison

Addison also took part in a clinical trial and in October of 2017, five and a half years after diagnosis, she completed her final scans and was given the all clear – the most precious words a family can hear about their child battling cancer. Now superhero Addison loves school, spending time with her friends and family, reading, listening to music and riding her bike.

“We learned quickly how much strength we had as parents, and how taking things day by day, minute by minute was what we had to do. We quickly learned to ask for help, accept help and how grateful we were for all of the family, friends, doctors, nurses and staff that helped Addison and our family get through the most difficult time of our lives,” said Barber.

It is superheroes like Addison that are the inspiration behind our National Superheroes Day celebration. This day brings awareness of our ultimate goal to find less-toxic treatments and save children NOW. On National Superheroes Day, we honor every child battling cancer and those who have lost their lives to this terrible disease. Be a hero for every child with cancer and consider donating today.

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