Having said that these are all normal feelings, it is also possible that you could use some help in dealing with the waves of feelings you are having – or others in your family are having. It is even possible that you are in rather immediate need of some help to keep your feelings from becoming overwhelming.


  • this is ALL you have felt in the past week or couple of weeks;
  • you have felt little interest in eating;
  • you find no one very comforting;
  • you feel that you will never laugh again;
  • you can’t stop crying; or
  • you have any thoughts about hurting yourself or anyone else…

then you are in need of IMMEDIATE additional support.

Please talk to the social worker, psychologist, or psychiatrist on your child’s care team; go to your own doctor; or go to your nearest emergency room to speak with someone about the feelings you are having.

While very understandable given the stressors your family is under, we want to be sure that you stay safe. You are a very important part of the team that is working to get your child well again. And there are supports available. If you don’t know how to reach the social worker, psychologist, or psychiatrist attached to your child’s care team, ask your child’s nurse to help you find the right person to contact.

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