Marianne Salsberg Maintains Optimal Health and Adds Meaning to her Miles by Supporting CureSearch

Marianne Salsberg Maintains Optimal Health and Adds Meaning to her Miles by Supporting CureSearch

Marianne runningA quest for health and wellness was the basis of a beautiful synergy with an important goal – end children’s cancer. Marianne Salsberg ran her first 5K in the fall of 2012, months after having gastric bypass surgery. As she developed a fitness regimen, much to her surprise, she discovered that she really enjoyed running. So, she kept on running, which helped her achieve and maintain a 120-pound weight loss! It was at a 5K that her path first intersected with CureSearch, when she walked over to our information booth at the event.

Two people dear to her heart are survivors of children’s cancer – her nephew and a friend’s son. When Marianne learned about CureSearch’s history and mission that day, she was determined to join our efforts to save children, adolescents and young adults NOW and enable them to live long, healthy lives.

Marianne first took on the challenge of our CureSearch Ultimate Hike and has now completed four hike events! This year, Marianne is trading in her hiking boots for running shoes as a member of our CureSearch Challenge team at Grandma’s Marathon.

“This will be the second time I’ve run the Grandma’s Half. I am thrilled to run to raise funds for this organization that is helping to find cures and safer treatments for children’s cancer,” Marianne shared. “No one, especially a child, should have to battle cancer. Children are not small adults and their treatment should not simply be a smaller adult dose.”

Marianne is part of our team of inspiring CureSearch Challenge runners and walkers throughout the country who are dedicated to raising funds to cure children’s cancer. CureSearch has a handful of entries left into the sold-out Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon with fundraising active until May 1. To join our team at Grandma’s Marathon, click here.

Learn more about our other featured CureSearch Challenge races, or how add meaning to miles at the event of your choice, visit or contact us at

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