CureSearch Holiday Gift Shop

Drive customers to your business this holiday season, while raising funds to end children’s cancer. This holiday season, CureSearch will launch our first ever “Holiday Gift Shop.” The Holiday Gift Shop offers businesses of all sizes — from local artisans to large corporations — the opportunity to drive cures for children’s cancer by donating a percentage of their sales proceeds to fund innovative research. Click here to participate!

Product Donations

ProductsCureSearch welcomes the donation of products that can be used at our fundraising events. We are limited to accepting gifts of bottled water, stage and tent rentals, T-shirts, and pre-packaged snacks. CureSearch does not accept furniture, used clothing, household items, or computers.

To share promotional items with CureSearch event participants, please inquire about becoming a national or regional event sponsor.

Sales Donations

Your business can choose to support children’s cancer research by donating a percentage of sales. The majority of Americans believe it’s important for companies to support a cause and purchase specific brands because of their philanthropic support. Many report that they would even try a brand they normally wouldn’t because it supported a cause. [2009 PR Week/Barkley PR Cause Survey].

For more information, please contact Kelli Wright, National Director of Strategic Initiatives, at (240) 235-2217 or Kelli.Wright@CureSearch.org.

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