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Radiation Therapy in Children

Radiation therapy is the use of high energy X-rays to kill cancer cells.

Radiation therapy is used to target tumors in specific locations. By delivering radiation to the tumor’s exact location, doctors hope to shrink its size. Sometimes, radiation takes place before surgery or chemotherapy is given to make the tumor small enough to remove, and other times, radiation takes place without the need for surgery.

Radiation therapy works by destroying or damaging rapidly growing cells, such as cancer cells. It damages cells only in the area of the body where the radiation is given. Unlike chemotherapy, radiation does not cause cell damage throughout the body. It can, however, damage healthy cells in the area being irradiated, but normal cells are better able to repair themselves.

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Is Radiation Therapy Safe?
Delivering Radiation Therapy
Radiation Therapy Team
Radiation Therapy: During Treatment
Tips for Parents
Side Effects
Long-term Effects of Radiation Therapy
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