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CureSearch academic and industry groups take a collaborative approach to optimize clinical translation and drug development and to advance CureSearch pediatric cancer initiatives. 

Research Strategy Aligned with CureSearch Mission: The Scientific Advisory Council (SAC) sets academic priorities for CureSearch research initiatives for the efficient and effective use of philanthropic resources to support childhood cancer research initiatives. The Industry Advisory Council (IAC) balances academic priorities with clinical, commercial, and regulatory feasibility.

Solicitation Process: With the help of the SAC, CureSearch staff develop funding opportunity announcements through which research investigators can apply for granting opportunities provided by CureSearch.

Request for Proposals (RFA) Development: CureSearch staff and councils develop funding opportunity announcements through which research investigators can apply for grant opportunities. There are four award mechanisms: the Young Investigators Program, Acceleration Initiative, Catapult Award, and additional co-funding opportunities. 

Review Process: Each year, granting opportunities are reviewed for the quality of science resulting from the granting program, the benefits to the childhood cancer community, and the impact on the field of childhood cancer research.

  1. Scientist submits LOI in response to RFA.
  2. Two members of the SRC review each LOI for scientific merit. 
  3. Approximately 75% of LOIs advance to the next stage. 
  4. Top-scoring scientists are asked to submit a full research proposal. 
  5. Two members of the SRC review each full proposal. 
  6. Approximately 50% of full proposals advance to IAC Review. 
  7. Two members of the IAC review the top-scoring proposals. 
  8. All top-scoring proposals are reviewed by all members of the SAC. 
  9. The SAC scores and prioritizes all top-scoring proposals. 
  10. CureSearch Staff selects only the highest scored applications.
CureSearch Review Framework

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