CureSearch PEDS 2022 Impact Statement & Next Steps

The 2022 Pediatric Early Development Symposium (PEDS): Leveraging Big Data to Advance Pediatric Clinical Trials was another collaborative success! 

This event convened leaders from all areas of pediatric oncology – pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, clinical research organizations, academic leaders, parents and patient advocates, venture capitalists, regulators, and like-minded partners. 

The recurring themes throughout the Symposium were: 

  • Pediatric drug development must be treated as a global enterprise 
  • More collaboration is necessary between investigators (academics) and organizations, including industry, to generate data that move regulatory requirements forward in relevant targets 
  • There must be a concerted effort to improve data collection through quality standards and simplification 

Derived from the many discussions, questions from attendees, and group conversations over the three-day symposium, we are pleased to share the 2022 PEDS Impact Statement, outlining three key impact areas CureSearch will address over the next year.

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