CureSearch Research Funding Drives
New Brain Cancer Treatments

May is National Brain Tumor Awareness Month, highlighting a critical topic in the childhood cancer community as brain cancers account for 25% of all childhood and adolescent cancer diagnoses.

Brain tumor types include medulloblastoma (the most common), high- and low-grade glioma, Primitive Neuro-Ectodermal Tumor (PNET), and ependymoma. At CureSearch, we’re dedicated to supporting families affected by brain cancer and to funding the most promising research to address a lack of effective treatments for many tumor types.  

With advances in treatment for many central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) tumors, overall survival has increased to nearly 75%. However, for many types of brain cancer, treatment options remain inadequate and, in some cases, nonexistent. Even with successful treatment, the vast majority of children who survive will experience serious side effects in adulthood due to their treatment.

“The lack of safe and effective treatments for most types of pediatric brain tumor is unacceptable and addressing this type of critical unmet need is a central focus of our research strategy,” said Dr. Caitlyn Barrett, CureSearch National Director of Research & Programs. “In fact, through our CureSearch Catapult Awards, we’re currently funding three clinical trials testing potentially groundbreaking new pediatric brain cancer treatments at institutions across the county.”  

CureSearch-funded brain cancer research projects include: 

  • Dr. Ranjit Bindra is conducting a phase 1 clinical trial testing a new treatment for pediatric glioma that could significantly improve long-term survival rates for this aggressive brain cancer. 
  • Dr. Crystal Mackall’s clinical trial will test a promising new CAR T-cell therapy for DIPG, a devasting brain tumor in children that has a 5-year survival rate of less than 1%. 
  • Earlier this year, we committed $2.5 million in support of Dr. Elias Sayour’s first-in-human, phase I/II clinical trial testing an innovative personalized immunotherapy for pediatric high-grade gliomas, the primary cause of death in children with brain tumors. 
  • This National Brain Tumor Awareness month, we thank the researchers, donors, volunteers and patient families who, together, are making an impact for over 4,000 children diagnosed with a brain cancer each year. 

    A resource for families and caregivers, our website contains a wealth of information about brain tumors in children, including types of brain tumors, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and life after treatment. Learn more by clicking here.

    CureSearch is committed to driving the strongest research and delivering treatments to children, faster. Get involved or give today so children can live longer, healthier lives tomorrow. Donate Now

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