CureSearch Hero – Manny Perez

Manny was our extremely healthy, strong-willed, rambunctious little boy until age 3, when he was diagnosed with Stage 4 ALL (Burkitt’s Lymphoma). We were suddenly thrust into the overwhelming world of cancer and chemotherapy.

Within a week of starting his chemo, Manny had severe complications that led to brain injury, infection, multiple surgeries, and prolonged mechanical ventilation. Over the next 3 years he had to learn to eat, talk, walk, use the bathroom, and care for himself again. Although cancer took so much away from him, it couldn’t touch his strong will to fight or his JOY that still blesses us so much every day.

We deeply desire for researchers to finally discover safer treatments to beat cancer so others won’t have to suffer the way Manny did. Go Curesearch!!

-Janelle Perez, Manny’s mom

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