CureSearch Walk Forever Heroes – Meredith

Our daughter, Meredith, was diagnosed with Hepatoblastoma almost five years ago in late September, 2015.

Before her diagnosis, we knew almost nothing about pediatric cancer and we knew even less about how it would change our family’s life forever. Pediatric cancer steals almost everything about a normal childhood. In the case of our young daughter, it stole her precious adulthood, too.

Meredith passed away, unexpectedly, just six months into her cancer treatment.

Meredith was a sparky, sassy, sweet girl who should have had the opportunity to become a strong woman. She was robbed of this. We honor Meredith by raising awareness of the lack of funding for pediatric cancer— we walk (and hike!) with CureSearch in the hopes that one day no family will ever have to be told that their child has cancer.

Misti and Chris Furr

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