Support kids like Caden this holiday season

In November of 2020, Shannon Marshall heard the heartbreaking words that more than 15,000 families in the US hear every year, “Your child has cancer.” 

Her son Caden was diagnosed with B-cell leukemia. At just 10 years old, he spent weeks in the hospital enduring toxic chemotherapy. At one point, he was getting the highest dose of methotrexate and had to be monitored around the clock.  

“The side effects were grueling,” Shannon explained. “I had to watch my little boy suffer from nausea, extreme fatigue, clumsiness and hair loss.  

They also grappled with emotional side effects, like Caden’s realization that he could no longer play the sports that he loved. 

“Despite the harsh treatments, Caden remained the same little boy l know and love,” said Shannon. “He would always say, It’s fine mom. We’ll get through this.”  

Caden is now 12 years old and was honored at the 2021 CureSearch Walk, along with other cancer heroes. It was at this event that Shannon learned only about 4% of federal cancer research funding goes to pediatric cancer.  

“This is why we support CureSearch. They’re funding next-generation research that’s on a path to quickly becoming a new treatment for kids with cancer, and offering hope to families like ours,” she said.  

CureSearch for Children’s Cancer is accelerating the development of new, safer treatments for kids with cancer. In fact, CureSearch’s preclinical projects are seven times more likely to advance to clinical trials. 

You can help bring safe, effective treatments to children like Caden this holiday season. Click here to make a lifesaving donation today – because kids with cancer can’t wait.

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