CureSearch-Funded Research Drives Pediatric Sarcoma Clinical Trial

While recent advances have yielded an 80% cure rate for pediatric cancer overall, high-risk sarcoma survival rates have not changed in the past 20 years. For more than 30 years, CureSearch has played a vital role in pushing forward research breakthroughs in pediatric oncology. During Sarcoma Awareness Month, we’re proud to highlight a CureSearch-funded research …

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Portland Fun Fest

Five Reasons Why You Should Support the CureSearch 2017 Fun Fest in Portland

When you think about a CureSearch Gold event, you think about the exciting and creative DIY ideas that come to life, the powerful mission to fight children’s cancer, and the dedicated people who come together to make it happen. For this year’s “2017 Fun Fest” in Portland, Oregon, there are some amazing people with sincere …

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Dr Andrew Kung

Researcher Spotlight: Dr. Andrew Kung

For young cancer patients with rhabdomyosarcoma, Ewing sarcoma and osteosarcoma, 5-year survival rates are between 20-40%. That’s a statistic that no parent should ever have to hear, and it’s one of the many reasons why CureSearch is on a mission to find a cure for every child diagnosed with cancer. The Acceleration Initiative was created …

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CureSearch Promise

$1.26M Awarded to Researcher Accelerating the Search for Children’s Cancer Cures

CureSearch for Children’s Cancer awarded a total of $1.26M to a leading pediatric cancer researcher for the Acceleration Initiative 3 Grand Challenge Award. Selected from 33 competitive applicants from the US and Canada, the winning research proposal will address critical challenges in pediatric cancer treatments and accelerate the discovery of clinical biomarkers to be used to inform diagnosis and treatment.

Jake Beresh, Ewing Sarcoma

6 Years Old at Diagnosis. Jake Beresh was diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma when he was six years old. As part of his treatment, he underwent surgery and chemotherapy. Now, at 19 years old, he is a sophomore at Nebraska Wesleyan University. We asked Jake a few questions about his childhood cancer experience: Q. What one …

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Gage Dole

Did You Know? Knowledge Provides Peace and Healing

Gage was diagnosed with inoperable spinal Ewing sarcoma June 2005. He was 3 years old. I had first heard about CureSearch from the hospital social workers in order to help us understand this type of cancer. This was the beginning of our journey to become as informed as possible.

Talia Freund, Ewing Sarcoma

Talia Freund, Ewing Sarcoma

13 Years Old at Diagnosis. Written by Tabitha Freeman. Our (mine, her stepfather Joe, father Greg & brother Owen, among other family and friends) precious girl was diagnosed with metastasized Ewing sarcoma on July 19, 2016. This day will forever be burned into our minds as the day our lives took a sudden change of …

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