Arianna Rosado, Wilms Tumor

Arianna’s Superhero Story

Superheroes Unite Arianna

“The future is worth it. All the pain. All the tears. The future is worth the fight,” said superhero Martian Manhunter. For Arianna Rosado, that meant fighting for her future at just age 3 when she was diagnosed with Wilms tumor. While Arianna was very young at the time of her diagnosis – she was brave and hopeful for her future. Her journey towards becoming a National Superheroes Day superhero was a long and challenging battle.

Arianna’s first treatments consisted of a 28-week plan starting with chemotherapy and surgery to remove her kidney. She underwent six radiation treatments and then 10 weeks of chemotherapy. At the time of her diagnosis, Arianna’s two sisters were in high school and very aware of the seriousness of her illness and they joined their mom, Dawn, in supporting her with love and distractions during her hospital stays.

“During Arianna’s treatment, we took part in a study that helped us realize how important it is for researchers to have the funding to continue to understand and fight cancer,” said Dawn Rosado, Arianna’s mom. “I hope that research brings not only new treatments, but also ways to prevent cancer from the beginning. I hope we can help children with the side effects that happen as a result of cancer treatments.”

Superhero Arianna with her family
Arianna and her family at a Superheroes Unite! walk

Her three-month scan after initial treatment shattered the family’s world once again when doctors found a tumor on her liver. The treatment plan for this was more intensive and consisted of four additional chemotherapy drugs. This made a total of eight different chemotherapy drugs that she would be exposed to. The family rotated either three or five-day stays in the hospital for more than eight months. Through all this, Arianna persevered and was able to overcome the cancer that was trying to take over.

Now Arianna is an independent, imaginative, and kind girl. She loves crafts, cooking, horses and dolls. She also loves swimming and spending time with her siblings and cousins.

CureSearch SuperHerosUnite Arianna

Childhood cancer research is important to me because I know that at any time our world could be changed again and we may need to know what trials are available to save our child’s life,” said Rosado. “We have always felt blessed that we have our child and can watch her go to school, laugh with friends and enjoy life. We have met too many families that don’t have their child because of cancer.”

It is superheroes like Arianna that are the inspiration behind our National Superheroes Day celebration. This day brings awareness of our ultimate goal to find less-toxic treatments and save children NOW. On National Superheroes Day, we honor every child battling cancer and those who have lost their lives to this terrible disease. Be a hero for every child with cancer and consider donating today.

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