Busy Bee Gives Back by Raising Funds to Support Childhood Cancer Research

Throughout Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, CureSearch teams up with advocates across the nation including passionate corporate partners like Johnson & Johnson, Inc who are raising funds and creating awareness intheir 18 Busy Bee stores throughout Florida and Georgia from August through October.

We had a chance to sit down with Megan Forcey, Director of Advertising and Ecommerce, to learn more about Busy Bee’s philosophy on giving back:

Q: Why do you support CureSearch and Childhood Cancer Awareness Month?

A: The mission of CureSearch to work towards ending childhood cancer is such an important goal and one that everyone can get behind. No child should have to go through or suffer cancer and treatment.

Busy Bee
In-Store Signage
encouraging participation

Q: What part of this campaign are you most excited about?

A: I think the thing that is most exciting is being able to include our guests and allow them to also make an impact as well. We love to sponsor and help causes that are dear to us, but to also be able to give our guests the chance to be involved is priceless! 

Q: Why are you proud to work for Busy Bee?

A: Busy Bee does an amazing job of maintaining philanthropic partnerships and supporting the community. It’s heartwarming to participate in these endeavors.

Q: How does this partnership reflect the goals and values of Busy Bee?

A: Our partnership with CureSearch is a perfect fit for us. We are a fun and whimsical brand that believes that no one should suffer, and we are blessed to be able to help achieve that.

CureSearch is proud to partner with Busy Bee in honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Together, we’re making adifference in the lives of the 40,000 children who undergo cancer treatment each year.

Learn more about how you can get involved and give back during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

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