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CureSearch Catapult

For many complex reasons, children’s cancer research often dies in what is known as the ‘Valley of Death’. Unfortunately, this high potential research rarely makes it into human clinical trials and commercialization, the point at which treatments are broadly available to children.

CureSearch for Children’s Cancer will catapult great research out of the lab and into the clinic to quickly advance better, less toxic treatments to children.

CureSearch Catapult Strategy Infographic

The Catapult strategy extends the continuum of children’s cancer research, building on our existing interventions in the research pipeline:

  • Through the Young Investigators portfolio we provide seed funding for early discovery-stage researchers to keep the brightest minds in pediatric cancer while arming them with the tools and knowledge to pursue drug development.
  • Through the Acceleration Initiative, we address the largest obstacles in children’s cancer research, driving translational research to the clinic.

Now, through the Catapult Strategy we will arm researchers with the funding, knowledge and connections to catapult promising treatments out of academia and into pediatric clinical trials and eventual commercialization. In this way, CureSearch will advance better, less toxic treatments to children, ensuring they not only survive cancer but live long, healthy lives.

Through all stages of research, clinical trials and drug development, CureSearch is leading the field in driving and delivering results to save children NOW.

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