Ella Doll gives hope to kids with cancer

Ella Doll gives hope to kids with cancer

‘Tis the season for giving – giving hope to all those affected by childhood cancer. All throughout the year, Ella Doll, the bald friend of Barbie®, helps children understand the hair loss that is common among cancer patients. Through a partnership with Mattel, CureSearch is able to give hope to kids with cancer by spreading good will and cheer at no cost to the family.

Taylor, age 4 ALL
Taylor, age 4, diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia

CureSearch for Children’s Cancer not only funds critical childhood cancer research, but also provides families with the resources to help handle a cancer diagnosis and opportunities to lift the spirits of those affected by a diagnosis.

Ella Doll Recipient
CureSearch Walk participant enjoys her very own Ella Doll

Navigating the holidays can be difficult for anyone, but especially those dealing with the realities of cancer. For CureSearch, this holiday season is about giving hope – the hope that every childhood cancer patient can live the long, healthy life they deserve. Join CureSearch in this mission to spread hope and get an Ella Doll for your cancer-fighting superhero.

We heard from a couple different families who received Ella dolls for their child in treatment, here’s what they had to say:

I ordered the Ella Doll a few weeks after my daughter was diagnosed as a Christmas gift. She only recently lost her hair, and so now more than ever it is important to have this doll around. Thank you for this gift for her. – Theresa, St. Paul

I LOVE THEM!! The gals that we have given them to are so thankful and it has helped throughout their treatment. Especially during the time that they are walking through the process of losing their hair! – Lisa, San Diego

CureSearch able to provide Ella Dolls to the following: children affected by childhood cancer, siblings of children affected by childhood cancer and children whose parent/guardian is affected by cancer in the United States. Consider supporting our programs like the Ella Doll with your donation today.

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