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The First Month Off Treatment

After your child’s “end of treatment” date, there will be a period of transition when medication is no longer given regularly and follow-up appointments become fewer or farther between. Otherwise, there will be few immediate changes, as it will often take several weeks for blood counts to return to normal, and several months for the immune system to recover. Some families may find this transition period awkward.

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Does My Child Still Need to Take BactrimTM (Septra®)?
What Do I Do if My Child Develops a Fever or Becomes Ill?
What Happens if My Child is Exposed to Chickenpox or Shingles?
When Can the Central Line or Port be Removed?
What Happens When a Blood Test is Needed after the Central Line or Port is Removed?
Why Does My Child Still Feel Tired?
How Often Will My Child Need to Come Back to the Hospital?
What Can My Family Do to Celebrate the End of Treatment?
Is it Okay if I Don't Feel Like Celebrating?
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