Join A Movement That Matters: #MakeItGoldForKids During Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

When most people see a pink ribbon, they automatically think of breast cancer awareness. The same can be said about red ribbons and HIV/AIDS awareness. But do you know what a gold ribbon represents? If you don’t, we’re here to tell you.

Gold is the color for pediatric cancer awareness, which is celebrated in September for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. As an organization whose passion is to end children’s cancer, both gold and the month of September are two things that we care a lot about.

This year we’re continuing our tradition of going beyond the boundaries of just caring, and we’re doing. We’re going into full-speed mode to spread the word about a movement that’s close to our heart, called #MakeItGoldForKids.

Make It Gold for Kids During Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

The message behind the #MakeItGoldForKids movement is simple: end children’s cancer.

How you can go about doing this is also simple. Just watch this video:

As you saw in the video, you can #MakeItGoldForKids this September by following four easy steps:

Step 1: Gold it – Paint your nails gold, put on some gold shoes or wear a gold hat. We will even be partnering with some awesome companies so you can buy your gold gear and support CureSearch at the same time!

Gold Shoes

Step 2: Picture it – Snap a selfie or grab a group shot with family and friends.

Smith Elementary Makes It Gold

Step 3: Share it – Upload your photo onto Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and spread the word with these messages.
Daniela Makes It Gold

Step 4: Map it – Pin your gold glory on our interactive map and become part of an online community that cares as much about ending childhood cancer as you do!

Gold Map

You can also check our Gold Mine, a mine of resources that’s available for people who are passionate about fighting children’s cancer.

After reading all of this, you may be wondering: How does taking a photo or pinning my name to a map help end children’s cancer, and why should I care?

Here are three answers:

  • You get to connect physically and emotionally with a tight-knit community of people who are leading the fight against children’s cancer.
  • You are helping to build online awareness about the need for innovative research to find cures for children’s cancer. The more people who know about the how this disease devastates children, the faster we can produce results that save lives.
  • You are supporting an organization that cares about improving childhood cancer treatments and cures so childhood cancer patients can lead long, healthy lives.

Now that you know about this meaningful movement, are you ready to join? Of course you are, and that’s why we encourage you to go for the gold! Sign up to become a Gold Getter, and join hundreds of other people who want to raise awareness about children’s cancer research.

Remember: gold is considered a precious metal, and every child’s life is precious.

Visit and help us #MakeItGoldForKids this September! If you know a survivor or patient that is active on social media and would like to help lead the #MakeItGoldForKids efforts, please email

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