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Research Vision:
Advance better, less toxic treatments to ensure all children with cancer live long, healthy lives.

CureSearch Catapult

Building on 30 years of experience, CureSearch is a leader in the pediatric cancer community. CureSearch is committed to our vital role by driving the strongest research, through funding and support, to find new cures and treatments faster.

An Urgent Need for Change

Every year, 15,800 children in the United States and 35,000 children in Europe are diagnosed with cancer1, 2. One in eight children diagnosed in the U.S. and one in six children diagnosed in Europe will not survive, and of those who do, most face life-long, chronic health challenges including heart disease, stunted growth, infertility, secondary cancers, and premature death. Globally, the prospect is even worse with over 300,000 children diagnosed annually and an estimated 20% survival rate in some countries3.

Our Response: Catapult Research Strategy

In reaction to these devastating facts, CureSearch for Children’s Cancer launched a game-changing research strategy to make a difference called the Catapult Strategy.

CureSearch Catapult Strategy

This strategy directly addresses the largest obstacles impeding medical progress. Our end goal is to catapult children’s cancer research out of the academic lab and into clinical trials and to market… where new treatments and drugs can reach kids NOW.

Our research strategy will advance better, less-toxic children’s cancer treatments to children faster.

Our Catapult Strategy encompasses early CureSearch-funded research programs, including the Young Investigators Program and Acceleration Initiative. Now through Catapult Awards, CureSearch will take the strongest research into human clinical trials and to market where new treatments will broadly reach children. These programs combined with insights from our Scientific, Industry, and Catapult Advisory Councils and support provided by the CureSearch Community Impact Awards (CCIA), help us stand at the intersection of medical, scientific, and commercial sectors to identify new treatments and cures for children’s cancer.

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