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Soft Tissue Sarcoma in Children – In Treatment

In Treatment

Treatment for soft tissue sarcoma in children depends on the location of the tumor and therefore varies from patient to patient.

Treatment can be as simple as surgically removing the tumor using a small incision. In more serious cases, extensive surgery, aggressive chemotherapy, and radiation may be required. The course of therapy is generally determined by the tumor type or grade. Doctors use a pathological evaluation to show how fast the tumor is growing and to determine the tumor’s size and stage; in other words, they look at the tumor under a microscope to determine the extent and aggressiveness of the disease. Treatment can be somewhat less aggressive for tumors that are small, lower grade, and completely removed by surgery.

More aggressive therapy with chemotherapy and/or radiation is usually reserved for high-grade sarcomas that are larger and/or have spread to other parts of the body.

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