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Amy's Story

Cancer is well known in the Miller household where Mike, his wife Barbara, and their daughter Amy have all battled this terrible disease. It is a dreadful day when an adult receives a diagnosis of cancer but, when a child receives this diagnosis, it is unimaginable. While parents must remain brave for their child, terror and uncertainty is the initial reaction of the parents.

In Amy's case, the diagnosis of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) meant that she would lose most of her teenage years. Instead of attending football games and proms she would deal with surgeries, a stroke from the chemotherapy, various incidents of pneumonia, fevers that ran higher than 106 degrees, and the dreaded bald-headedness.

Each year, more than 40,000 children are undergoing cancer treatment here in the United States. The Miller family hopes to see this staggering number greatly reduced through the curative research being funded by CureSearch. It is for this reason that the Miller family has created the Amy Miller Champion Fund in honor of Amy, because they know that research saves lives.

Amy persevered during her three years of treatment and is now enjoying life as a newlywed with her husband, John Fair III. She continues to give back to society through her activities on behalf of the Children’s Dream Fund and through her efforts on the planning committee for her local CureSearch Walk!

As Mike has stated, "Without advanced research, my daughter Amy, my wife Barbara, and I would not be here today. CureSearch has a 25-year history of supporting critical children's cancer research and is working hard to move findings from the laboratory to the patient using innovative and novel research. I am excited to be on the Board of Directors of this organization that played such a vital role in saving my daughter's life."

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