Beau Swallow Fund

Beau playing basketball, shortly before he was diagnosed.

CureSearch focuses on accelerating innovative research that will better treat cancers like Beau’s bone-eating Ewing sarcoma. At CureSearch, we believe no cancer is too rare to receive funding and in that message is hope.

Beau's Story

In the fall of 2009, when he was 12 years old, Beau Swallow began complaining of back pain. Basketball season had just started and Beau's doctors believed it to be a muscle strain from practice. As the weeks went on, the pain worsened. Three weeks later, he couldn’t bear it any more. Beau's family took him back to the doctor, where x-rays were performed. His doctors noticed an abnormality and ordered more tests - Beau and his family were soon shocked to learn that he had stage IV Ewing sarcoma that had already spread to his chest and lungs.

At Children’s National Medical Center, Beau's doctors immediately began high-dose chemotherapy, but the tumors continued to grow. A new type of chemotherapy was administered and a change was noticed in Beau’s tumors. Shortly after, Beau was able to undergo surgery to remove them. The surgery lasted hours and was successful, but did require the removal of two ribs and part of Beau's lung due to tumor invasion.

"I wish that people knew how underfunded childhood cancer research was. Children only make up 4% of the government’s cancer funding and children are definitely more than 4% of the population." - Beau Swallow

BeauOBI_1210 2

Beau underwent 23 rounds of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery between the fall of 2009 and summer of 2011. In December of 2012, Beau underwent scoliosis surgery to correct a severe spine curve that was a result of radiation to his chest. It was all worth it though, because he just reached 13 years with no evidence of disease!

Beau graduated from Woodson High School in 2016, American University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, Law, Economics and Government in 2019 (he completed his degree in 3 years!), and a Master’s Degree in Data Science in 2020. He is currently employed as a Data Scientist and Consultant for Booz Allen Hamilton. In his free time, Beau coaches and plays in multiple soccer leagues, and enjoys spending time with friends, family and his dachshund puppy, Obi.

Read more about Beau's journey here.

The Message is Hope

Beau's mom, Tina Swallow, established this Legacy Fund with Beau’s support. Through this fund, Tina strives to honor Beau's courage & determination, continue to thank all those that helped Beau on his cancer journey ("bless you all!"), stand in solidarity with the many families who have lost a child to cancer, spark hope for those in the fight of their lives, and maintain the faith with those facing the long term effects of cancer and its still too-often brutal treatments.

"Through this fund I want to raise much needed funds so that one day no parent has to hear the awful words Chan and I heard 12 years ago, 'Your child has cancer.'” - Tina Swallow

Tina joined the Board of Directors at CureSearch to continue her work spreading awareness of childhood cancer, and to hopefully influence their rockstar board of superb doctors and clinicians with a constant reminder that fast-tracking promising cancer trials saves lives.

Please consider making a contribution to Beau’s Fund; your gift will help bring better, safer treatments to the children who are counting on us! Thank you for your support.


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