CureSearch Walk Forever Heroes – Brady

Brady was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia on 12/24/2014. He had just turned two years old on December 20, and we found ourselves hearing the words “Your son has cancer” just a couple days later. It completely changed our world. Brady’s subtype was M7 which made his type of leukemia even harder to treat because …

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CureSearch Heroes – Claire, Team Clairebear

“Once you have cancer in your rear-view mirror, it’s important to advocate for the kids — your own and everyone else’s.”  Life is good for Claire now. This multi-talented, 8-year-old dancer and gymnast is captivated by the history of ancient Egypt. A budding comedian, she has written a repertoire of jokes that she loves to perform. She is also an avid reader who enjoys playing with her friends.   There is another important facet of Claire Braziel’s life – she is a cancer survivor and advocate. In December of 2012, …

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Eloise Dodge Gould

CureSearch Walk Forever Heroes – Eloise Dodge Gould

This past May 1st marked the ten year anniversary of Eloise’s death. It has been a decade of making adjustments in our personal lives yet we remain hopeful and forever grateful.  My family has dedicated our best efforts in assisting Curesearch in any way that we can. We have participated in more than a dozen …

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CureSearch Walk Heroes – Krislynn

Our daughter Krislynn was diagnosed with Stage 4 Wilms tumor (Kidney cancer) which spread to her liver, lungs, abdominal nodules, and enlarged lymph nodes on 10/15/2016. Her treatment was brutal. Her next biggest hurdle is puberty. That’s when we will know (hopefully) if she will need a kidney transplant sooner (teenager) rather then later in …

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