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Danielle's Story

In 2006, Danielle was diagnosed with Stage 2 Wilms Tumor (kidney cancer). At her two-year checkup the doctor pushed on Danielle's stomach and found a nodule. She was checked in to the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh the same evening.Things happened quickly; Danielle underwent surgery the next day to have her right kidney removed. She was in the hospital for a week following the surgery and started chemotherapy during that time. Danielle did not feel well from the chemotherapy and she lost her hair...small prices to pay for her health. She took the side effects in stride and continued to play and be a fun-loving two year old.

Danielle was doing well during the next two years but encountered a setback in April 2008. Over the course of the next few months, she had multiple surgeries to correct obstructions in her small intestine due to adhesions. Danielle now has less than half of her small intestine and has adjusted the way she eats. She continues to deal with the effects this has on her weight.

Danielle is now seventeen years old and is a Survivor! She still has digestive issues but she is winning her battle.

The Carpenter Family supports CureSearch so that Danielle and other children effected by childhood cancer can win their battles! For more information on Danielle, click here to visit her Facebook page.

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