Luke's Story

Luke Sheridan McGuire was first diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma in December 2011. Luke had a lump on his head that appeared over night. Since it hadn't been caused by a 'blow' to the head, like one might expect to find on a 13 year old, it warranted a trip to the doctor. The doctor determined it to be an ordinary cyst and arranged a routine surgery on December 2nd. Soon after the surgery, Luke and his family were delivered the devastating news that, while the tumor had been removed, it was indeed cancerous and Luke would have to undergo a battery of medical tests and a full course of chemotherapy.

Luke handled the news with his usual sense of humor. The kind of humor he always deployed in the face of a challenge - that was his strength. Luke also displayed an inner peace that would provide a buffer for his whole family for the journey to come. Luke's brothers, Jack and Mick, display the same strength and peace today.

The McGuire family's journey, like that of many other cancer families, was filled with both joy and sadness. They experienced the triumph of remission and the despair of relapse. Their hope left no stone unturned in the search for treatment and a cure. All the while, Luke's days were filled with every adventure he could imagine and capture. He lived, and all those who knew him shared in that.

On September 11, 2013, Luke went to heaven. He is dearly missed by friends and family, but the love that surrounded him still glows in the friends and community that he inspired. Luke's family has partnered with CureSearch to establish the Luke McGuire Legacy Fund because they believe in CureSearch's longstanding history in the field of children's cancer, and their ability to identify and support transformational research that has the potential to improve treatments, support families and ultimately save lives.

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