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Together, we’re changing the drug development landscape from within and accelerating the development of new treatments for the 42 children diagnosed with cancer each day.

For more than 35 years, CureSearch has been a driving force in children’s cancer research. Recognizing a broken system, growing obstacles and unmet need in pediatric cancer drug development, we’ve launched an innovative and unique strategy to address the urgent, critical need for new childhood cancer treatments.

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For pediatric cancer, research funding hasn’t historically translated into new treatments. Real progress will require an innovative approach to both research funding and drug development, and CureSearch is leading the way. With the expert leadership of our Scientific and Industry Advisory Councils, we identify and fund only the strongest research projects that are most likely to become a drug and quickly reach patients in the clinic or marketplace.

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We know that smarter research funding is just one part of the solution, and that long-term solutions will require a seismic shift to the existing pediatric drug development process and landscape. This change will require strategic collaboration among all players in the pediatric cancer ecosystem, including science, academia, regulatory, funding, and industry leaders. At CureSearch, we’re uniquely positioned to drive critical stakeholder collaborations to accelerate the pace of pediatric drug development.

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