Logan Smith, Neuroblastoma

Meet Gold Getter Captain, Logan Smith!

Logan Smith, NeuroblastomaThis year for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we interviewed our Gold Getter Captains to learn about their cancer survivor stories. Learn more about how you can help them #MakeItGoldForKids here.

Current Age: 4
Diagnosis: Stage IV High Risk Neuroblastoma
Age at Diagnosis: 2 Years Old

Q. What does Logan enjoy doing for fun?

A. He loves to play with his big brother. He loves Paw Patrol and Dinosaur Train.

Q. What does Logan want to be when he grows up?

A. I don’t think he’s thought about that too much. He lives day to day right now and that’s all right with us.

Q. What is Logan’s favorite color?

A. Blue, Pink and green

Q. How does Logan feel when his friends and family come out and support him during treatment or raise awareness for children’s cancer?

A. Logan loves having his friends and family around for everything. It makes the hard stuff easier to handle and it makes the good stuff much more fun!

Q. What are you planning to do to celebrate CCAM and #MakeItGoldForKids this September?

A. We are planning on raising as much awareness (and funds) as possible for children’s cancer research.

Want to #MakeItGoldForKids this month? Visit our Childhood Cancer Awareness Month page, or learn how we’re accelerating research to end children’s cancer.

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