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The Research Pipeline

CureSearch recognizes the fact that innovation has stalled in the search for cures. In response, we have taken a more entrepreneurial approach to funding children’s cancer research.

By soliciting and funding the very best research at a large scale, for the long term, we are building a pipeline of promising treatments, from basic research all the way to clinical trials, that will dramatically accelerate our ability to end children’s cancer.

CureSearch Research Funding Stages

The Research Funding Pipeline

Our research grant programs feed the drug development pipeline from basic research and drug discovery, to preclinical testing, all the way to clinical trials and ultimately commercialization. We accomplish this through:

  • Young Investigator Program – Our Young Investigator Program reduces the loss of promising scientists from the field by providing significant financial support to investigators early in their research career. Early-career investigators are the most vulnerable to federal funding shortages, and they rely more than ever on the support of private foundations like CureSearch in order to continue their research. These grants are limited to truly transformational science designed to feed basic discoveries into the pipeline to deliver the next generation of cancer treatment.
  • Acceleration Initiative – Launched in 2013, the Acceleration Initiative is our $10 million commitment to surface the most promising children’s cancer research, to drive it to clinical practice, and to quickly find better treatments and cures. Through the Acceleration Initiative, CureSearch elicits and invests in the best, most innovative pediatric cancer research by bringing together the brightest thought leaders in the field today to focus on the areas of greatest challenge in the children’s cancer research field. We then target specific grants to resolve those challenges and accelerate the search for cures. Acceleration Initiative projects seek to take pre-clinical research to the cusp of clinical testing and are selected for their high potential to reach the clinic and commercialization.
  • Catapult Fund – Launched in 2016, the Catapult Fund is our ground-breaking initiative to propel discoveries over the Valley of Death, the place where basic research fails to “translate” out of the academic lab and into clinical trials and product commercialization due to a lack of funding. Through Catapult, CureSearch will invest in high potential, high-impact, innovative “clinic ready” projects for Phase 1 or Phase 2 pediatric clinical trials. By driving drug development and commercialization, Catapult’s goal is to improve clinical outcomes by making new treatments available to all childhood cancer patients.
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