Ultimate Hiker aims to give back during retirement

Ultimate Hiker aims to give back during retirement  

As Mike Owen began his first year of retirement, he was looking for a way to stay active, but also give back to an important cause. That’s when he learned about the CureSearch Ultimate Hike

“While attending a hiking class at the local REI store, I noticed an Ultimate Hike brochure and decided that hiking for CureSearch was a worthy “giveback” activity,” said Mike. “We have longtime family friends back in Cincinnati whose son, Daniel, is a childhood cancer survivor and I asked about hiking in his honor.” 

Mike has been hiking in honor of Daniel and other childhood cancer patients and survivors, since 2014. To date, he’s participated in 14 Ultimate Hikes and plans to continue his support at the Southeast hike event in 2022.  

“Meeting kid warriors and their families, hearing stories of kids who have fought the good fight against this terrible disease, participating in long, challenging hikes (rain or shine), and celebrating each other on Sunday morning makes for a memorable event,” said Mike.  

In addition, Mike and his wife help plan the Raleigh/Umstead CureSearch Hike, a volunteer-led hike in North Carolina. Shorter than a traditional Ultimate Hike, this event allows individuals to select their own hike length and tell children’s cancer to “take a hike” in their own community.  

“Participants have stepped out of their comfort zones to solicit donations, manage fundraising activities, and hiked perhaps the longest, most difficult hike of their lives. Such a great combination of good work and physical achievement!” 

To learn more about the Ultimate Hike program, visit http://ultimatehike.org/.  


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