CureSearch Ultimate Hike raises $1 million for childhood cancer research

CureSearch Ultimate Hike raises $1 million for childhood cancer research 

Hikers raise record-breaking funds in 2021  

This year, we set a big goal to raise $1 million through the CureSearch Ultimate Hike program to support the more than 17,000 children diagnosed with cancer each year. Our dedicated hikers and volunteers went above and beyond, surpassing our goal and raising over a million dollars for lifesaving childhood cancer research! 

Volunteers Making an Impact 

Ultimate Hikes are weekend-long adventures where hikers of all fitness levels trek 20-30 miles on some of the country’s most beautiful and iconic trails. But this is more than just a hike. It’s a chance for people from all walks of life to come together for a common purpose: raise funds and awareness for the number one cause of death by disease in children – cancer.  

These ultimate adventures wouldn’t be possible without support from our incredible volunteers. Jim Colburn has participated in eight Ultimate Hikes and has been volunteering since 2019. This year, he participated in the Foothills Trail Ultimate Hike, and volunteered at the Ozark Highlands Trail Ultimate Hike and Southeast Ultimate Hike.  

“I have had the privilege to meet some of the families that have been greatly impacted by the research the hikes have funded over the years,” said Jim. “There is an amazing bond between one another with one common goal – to find a cure for pediatric cancer. That’s enough motivation to keep me coming back, whether as a volunteer or a hiker.” 

Hikers Reach New Heights  

Frank Gioscia has raised over $197,000 through the Ultimate Hike program, earning him the Triple Everest Award, which is awarded to hikers who raise over $150,000 individually. Hiking with us since 2011, Frank has participated in the Foothills Trail Ultimate Hike, Tecumseh Trail Ultimate Hike and the Southeast Ultimate Hike. He hikes in honor of Gavin Perkins, a young boy whose cancer is currently in remission.  

“I never would’ve thought that I’d still be participating in the Ultimate Hike after 11 years! Once I got into it and saw the difference that I could make in helping children with cancer, I couldn’t stop,” said Frank. “I will continue to hike for Gavin as well as the other children who need our help.”  

Amy McKelvey raised more than $130,000 through the Ultimate Hike since 2012 and has earned a Double Everest Award. Amy participated in the Foothills Trail Ultimate Hike to honor her daughter Emily, who was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) at 17 years old. She passed away just five months after diagnosis.  

“Since that time, I have become an advocate for childhood cancer research. Unfortunately, most of the treatment and protocols for treating childhood cancer are those used to treat adult cancer. To me, this is simply unacceptable,” said Amy. “I hike to honor Emily. I hike to share her story. I hike for all of the children I have met since being placed in the world of childhood cancer. I hike to raise much needed money for research and to develop clinical trials so that maybe one day, childhood cancer will no longer exist. I hike because I have to do something to help.” 

Hit the Trails in 2022! 

Save the dates and register today for a 2022 hike! Visit to learn more, sign up for an information session or register for a hike.  

  • Lake Georgetown – March 5, 2022  
  • Foothills Trail – April 23, 2022  
  • Shenandoah Valley – May 14, 2022  
  • Pacific Crest Trail – June 25, 2022 
  • Superior Hiking Trail – August 13, 2022 
  • Ozark Highlands Trail – October 15, 2022 
  • Southeast Ultimate Hike on the Foothills Trail – November 12, 2022 

Interested in hosting your own hike? Our Create Your Adventure program gives you the ability to pick the date, distance and fundraising goal for a hiking event that you plan for yourself, family, friends and colleagues. Register as a solo hiker or form a hike team today! 


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