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CureSearch has established legacy funds for families who want to honor their child’s memory and continue the fight against cancer by fundraising for research. Similarly, champion funds recognize children currently in treatment or who are now victorious in their battle against cancer. A champion or legacy fund is a great way to further your personal commitment to finding a cure for children’s cancer.

The Benefits of a Fund at CureSearch

  • A legacy or champion fund is an easier alternative to establishing your own family foundation. A fund allows you to skip the hassle of IRS regulations.
  • CureSearch provides all the administrative support you need, including tax receipting and accounting.
  • CureSearch offers expertise on the best way to realize the impact you wish to have in the search for cures for children’s cancers.
  • A fund at CureSearch gives you access to our national network of the very best care providers, researchers, and scientific leaders in children’s cancer
  • Your child’s fund will have a designated webpage where you can share personal stories and reports on the good work you are doing with the donations you receive. The site also allows your friends and family to make credit card contributions to your child’s fund.

How to Get Started

With a minimum donation of $25,000 or a commitment to raise this amount within twelve months, CureSearch will establish a legacy or champion fund for your child. To learn more, please contact Erin Kozaki, at (240) 235-2283 or email legacyfund@curesearch.org.

We are honored to partner with families who have established these legacy and champion funds:

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